Breath new life...

into living

Redefining the home office, Pran is five luxury units that invite residents to “Create Your Own Space”.  Providing a foundation of contented living ready to be tailored towards any kind of passion, from a traditional office environment to an inspiring workshop, Pran comes brimming with intangible touches and flourishes that breathe new life into living.


Pran breathes luxury, exclusivity and enthusiasm into the home office concept. From the Sky Garden wrapped by a Living and Dining space on the fifth floor to spacious bedrooms on the fourth and third floor, the customizable second floor work area and the ample parking of the first floor, Pran is discerningly designed for those looking to embrace life and who want to see their passions made reality.

Square Meters

520 - 686





Car Parks

4 - 5





Air-gapped double brick walls to maximize privacy while minimizing heat transfer

GAF roof shingles with a 42-year warranty provide comforting protection from the Thai sun

Low-Emissivity Windows with Grey PVB film filter out up to 99 percent of UV light while still naturally illuminating every room

A Post Tension Slab

system provides each home with the integrity of a high-rise, allowing them to confidently take on high ceilings and a stately profile


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2.9 km - Ramintra Nawamin Highway

3.5 km - Ramkamhaeng Airport Link

4.3 km - BTS On Nut

4.8 km - Thonglor Road

PRAN Pattanakarn
599/9 Phatthanakan 32,
Khwaeng Suan Luang, Suan Luang,
Bangkok 10250

098 638 9555 




PRAN 599/9 Phatthanakan 32, Khwaeng Suan Luang, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250

098 638 9555 

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